Richard Branson wants to go into space before Jeff Bezos

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Yesterday, July 1, British entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin announced that he intends to make a suborbital flight as a passenger on the Virgin Galactic VSS Unity spacecraft on July 11. In May, VSS Unity made a successful flight, reaching an altitude of 90 km above the Earth’s surface. Virgin Galactic intends to establish suborbital launches of ships for space tourism, it is reported that currently the full ticket price is $ 250 thousand Competition in the space tourism market, Sir Richard Branson intends to make another well-known entrepreneur – the founder and head of Amazon Jeff Bezos. His flight on the Blue Origin spacecraft is scheduled for July 20. Blue Origin, owned by Mr Bezos, unveiled a prototype for the interior of a passenger capsule for space tourists in 2018. The cockpit is designed for six people and is equipped with seats, a monitor for tracking flight parameters and four portholes. Evgeny Khvostik.

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