Richmeat stops mincemeat production in Cuba

Richmeat stops mincemeat production in Cuba

Text: Hugo Leon

Added to the already complicated task of Cubans to find variety and affordable prices to prepare their daily diet is now another not so encouraging piece of news: the Richmeat de Cuba SA factory stopped production of Premium Seasoned Mixed Picadillo a few days ago, known on the island as the “mince tube”.

A report by Cuban non-state media indicated that the decision became effective last week, at least temporarily, citing factory workers.

According to those sources, the factory stopped its production and the workers are at home waiting until further notice.

One of them, an operator identified as Henry Yánez, indicated that he had no knowledge of the causes of the interruption or when production will resume. Another person, however, added that what is being said is that the Cuban government, through its companies, has large debts with the Mexican firm Richmeat.

According to this second source, who preferred to remain anonymous, for some time the buyers had not paid the Mexicans and the company resolved with the income from a part of the production that was destined for export, until the accounts did not give and had to stop.

In Cuba, Richmeat produces two variants of picadillo for the national market: one made from beef, and the other mixed with seasoning.

Until now, the Mexican company has a factory in the Mariel Special Development Zone, with 100 percent capital from the aforementioned nation, and at the end of 2022 it was reported that the company began construction of a new plant for the production of sausages, which would be ready by 2027.

The interruption of work at Richmeat Cuba SA puts an end to the limited variety of products that can be purchased in the country without exorbitant prices, since hash is sold much cheaper than other meats such as pork or beef, which they have come to cost up to 500 Cuban pesos per pound.


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