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After the strike of Amazon couriers, comes that of the riders of the food delivery platforms, from Glovo to Deliveroo. The RiderXidiritti network actually speaks of a day of mobilization throughout the national territory. Which in most cities will result in a real strike of deliveries. The messenger cycles, also supported by the confederal trade union, focus a lot on agitation: it is no coincidence that the increased level of coordination. For now about thirty small and large cities have joined including Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Messina, Padua, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Rieti, time.news, Reggio Emilia, Mantua, Brindisi, Trieste, Civitanova Marche, Genoa, Carpi , Caserta. In Milan the riders will gather at 11.30 in Piazza XXIV Maggio and will strike on the deliveries of the lunch. Some platforms have sent internal communications to the restaurants they serve indicating the possibility of inconvenience. In Bologna, however, the riders will stop the pedals for dinner deliveries.

Ironically, Friday 26 March is also the day by which the response to the appeals that the platforms have sent to the territorial directorates of the Labor Inspectorates should arrive after the Milan public prosecutor has ordered the payment of million-dollar fines for the recognition to riders of the protections due to employees (article 2 of decree 150 of 2015 provides that hetero-organized self-employed workers have the same protections as employees). Note: in conjunction with the protest of the riders on Friday there will be the logistics strike called by the Cobas and the agitation of the entertainment workers.

What do the riders ask? We are tired of working for 3 euros per piecework delivery, we want to be heard by platforms and institutions, especially as we are doing public utility work in this phase of the pandemic. We ask consumers on the 26th to support our protest and not place orders, replies Tommaso Falchi of the RiderXidiritti network in Bologna. The contract signed by Assodelivery with Ugl does not protect us, we ask that the labor ministry be confronted as soon as possible on rights, says the spokesperson for the Network in Milan, Angelo Avelli. The confederal union is also part of the network, together with the riders’ organizations in the cities.


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