“In small steps I am returning to a normal life”. Thus begins the post published by Gianni Morandi on Facebook. The artist was discharged from the hospital after being hospitalized almost a month ago due to a bad burn that hit him in the hands and legs. “Anna, my wife, helps me, spring days, nature, music and the awareness of having had a serious accident but having escaped it, I risked much more serious consequences but someone from heaven put a hand on my hand. head. I consider myself really lucky “, he adds underlining:” Now I will have to face the battle to recover the use of the right hand which has been badly damaged, it will take a long time, I hope to make it “.

“Thanks to all the people who gave me strength and filled me with affection with messages, letters, telegrams, gifts, flowers and thanks to the great team of doctors, nurses, health workers of the Burn Center of the ‘Bufalini’ hospital in Cesena who have assisted and treated me in a commendable way. Long live your life! ”

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