Right to abortion: “It’s a sad day for the country”, deplores Joe Biden after the decision of the American Supreme Court

His speech was expected. The American president reacted to the decision of the American Supreme Court, which decided to revoke the right to abortion in the United States. “It’s a sad day for the country,” lamented Joe Biden, who fears “for the health and lives of women”.

“The health and lives of women in this country are now at risk. This right was so important to so many Americans and they did it,” lamented the Democratic president, for whom “the Court criminalized abortion.” He called his decision “a tragic mistake”, the result of an “extremist ideology”.

He calls to continue the fight in a “peaceful” way

Joe Biden also called for continuing the fight in a “peaceful” manner and for defending “at the polls” the right to abortion and all other “personal freedoms”, as the mid-term legislative elections which are coming up approach. announced difficult for his Democratic camp.

In a historic about-face, the very conservative Supreme Court on Friday buried a judgment which, for nearly half a century, has recognized the right to abortion in the United States. This decision does not make terminations of pregnancy illegal but returns the United States to the situation in force before the emblematic decision “Roe v. Wade” from 1973, when each state was free to authorize them or not.

Given the fractures in the country, half of the States, especially in the South and the more conservative and religious center, could ban abortion in the more or less short term. Several American states (Missouri, South Dakota) have already announced that they are taking measures to prohibit voluntary terminations of pregnancy on their territory.


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