At the Ellachipalayam bus stand near Tiruchengode in Namakkal district, the Marxist Communist Party (MCP) staged an innovative two-wheeler protest against the increase in petrol and diesel prices.

Petrol, diesel and gas prices have been rising steadily over the past few days. Thus, there is a risk that the prices of essential commodities will rise day by day. Thus the poor simple and middle class people have been subjected to great hardship. If this situation continues, all people will lose their livelihoods and be pushed into a precarious economic situation.

In addition, the rise in petrol and diesel prices is likely to have a devastating effect on those who commute to work and budget for their families. In addition, protests and demonstrations are being held in various places to condemn the continuing rise in prices without realizing that small businesses are at risk.

As part of this, the Marxist Communist Party (MCP) staged an innovative two-wheeler protest at the Elachipalayam bus stand yesterday, condemning the price hike.

The demonstration was held to condemn the central government and to demand a reduction in petrol, diesel, gas and inflation. The protest was led by the party’s Western Union Secretary KS Venkatachalam. District Executive Committee member S. Suresh explained the demands. Union Committee members Ramesh, Kittusamy, Rahmat, Branch Secretary Chandran, Kandasamy and many others were present.

Correspondent: S. Madankumar-Namakkal

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