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The price of tomatoes is increasing day by day. A kilo of tomatoes sells for Rs.100 to Rs.120

Record: November 25, 2021 01:53


The price of tomatoes is increasing day by day. A kilo of tomatoes sells for Rs.100 to Rs.120.

Tomato prices

In Tamil Nadu, the supply of tomatoes has come down due to torrential rains. Thus the price of tomatoes has gone up sharply.

Last month, a kilo of tomatoes was selling for Rs 20 and Rs 30, but now in some districts it is selling for more than Rs 150 a kg. That situation has not yet come to Madurai.

In Madurai, the wholesale price of a kilo of tomatoes was between Rs. 80 and Rs. 100 as of yesterday. Tomatoes range in price from Rs.100 to Rs.120 depending on the retail price.

Low supply

Tomato traders said, “The price of tomatoes has come down significantly as imports from outside the state have halved. About 75 per cent of the tomatoes in Tamil Nadu are imported from states including Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

At the Madurai Cattle Market, a wholesale 15 kg box of tomatoes sold for Rs.300 to Rs.500 at the beginning of October. At that time the retail price was Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 per kg. But now due to low supply, a box (15 kg) sells for Rs.800 to Rs.1200. As a result, grocery stores in many parts of the district retail at daily markets selling tomatoes at Rs.100 to Rs.120 per kg depending on the quality. As the supply of tomatoes increases, so does the price of tomatoes. The price of tomatoes will be high almost till the Pongal festival. “

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Social Websites

Tomatoes have become an indispensable ingredient in cooking. Usually during the rainy season the price of tomatoes goes up. But, this time the price has gone up to an unprecedented level. Thus, family heads are also interested in cooking without the use of tomatoes.

Netizens, on the other hand, have been creating a lot of funny memes to tease the price of tomatoes and sharing them fast on social media.

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