Rising Tomato Prices – What is Government Action? – Description of the Minister || Rising Tomato Prices – What is Government Action?

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“Tomato prices will come down soon,” said Agriculture Minister MRK Panneerselvam.

Record: November 24, 2021 19:40

Change: November 24, 2021 21:49


Tomatoes are sold at Rs 85- to Rs 100 per kg through green consumer shops. Due to the monsoon season, it is sold at high prices in various parts of India, including Tamil Nadu. It retails at Rs 130 to Rs 150 per kg and wholesale at Rs 100 to Rs 130 per kg.

Thus the poor simple and middle class people are severely affected. They are searching on Google how to put sambar without tomatoes and how to put juice without tomatoes.

Opposition parties have demanded that the government take steps to reduce the price of tomatoes.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister MRK Panneer Selvam had warned that stern action would be taken if anyone hoarded tomatoes to sell at higher prices.

In this context, the Minister of Agriculture MRK Panneerselvam said at a press conference: –

Arrangements have been made to bring 620 tonnes of tomatoes to the Coimbatore market. Heavy rains have also affected tomato production in states including Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Traffic has been disrupted in bringing harvested tomatoes to Tamil Nadu. The rise in tomato prices is temporary. He said the Tamil Nadu government was considering selling tomatoes through mobile vegetable shops, which would soon come down in price.

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