Risk of torture is high in Turkish deportation criticism.

Risk of torture is high in Turkish deportation criticism.

According to Ekot, lawyers in multiple countries are speaking out against Sweden for deporting a man to Turkey in December. The man had been found guilty by a Turkish court of being associated with the PKK, a group classified as a terrorist organization by Turkey. Lawyer Ben Keith expressed concern over the risk of the man being tortured in prison, regardless of whether he committed the crimes he was accused of. However, the Swedish Migration Agency claims that there is no proof of systematic torture happening in Turkish prisons.

Lawyers in several countries are criticizing Sweden’s deportation of a man to Turkey in December, Ekot reports.

The man has been convicted in a Turkish court of association with the organization PKK, which Turkey has branded a terrorist.

“It’s upsetting. Regardless of whether or not he is guilty of the crimes he is accused of, we know that the risk of him being tortured in prison is high,” attorney Ben Keith told SR.

According to the Swedish Migration Agency, there is no evidence that “systematic torture” occurs in Turkish prisons.


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