“At a time when everything is being done to bring our country to safety, I can only comment, woman to woman, ‘SHUT UP‘”. Rita Dalla Chiesa is a river in flood on her Facebook page, outraged by the offensive words that Michela Murgia expressed towards General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, and against the police.

The latest “shot” of the writer arrived in prime time on La7 where Michela Murgia was a guest at On Tuesday, the program conducted by Giovanni Floris. The writer first questioned the effectiveness of the commissioner’s action due to his way of expressing himself, speaking of a “language of war“. Then he embarrassingly compared General Figliuolo to a”dictator“, telling himself”frightening from having a commissioner who runs around in a uniform. When I see a man in uniform I always get scared, I don’t feel safe anymore. I am not sure that the war category is a category with which a country can be made responsible: it scares us more“.

Words that aroused general indignation, first of all that of Rita Dalla Chiesa, daughter of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, who grew up in the sign of valor and respect for the weapon. The journalist has chosen social media, Facebook among all, to comment on the surreal statements against Francesco Paolo Figliuolo: “The lady is politically incorrect. I felt struck, but not sunk, by his words last night, to “Di Martedi”, about the Army Corps General Figliuolo. Are you afraid of men in uniform? Don’t you feel safe with them? Do they remind you of dictatorship?“.

Questions that anyone would have asked themselves when hearing the writer’s misplaced statements. Questions to which Rita Dalla Chiesa wanted to answer, addressing herself to Michela Murgia, inviting her to be silent and to show respect: “At a time when everything is being done to bring our country to safety, I can only comment, woman to woman, ‘SHUT UP’. Fortunately, today’s left does not recognize itself in what it said. One piece of advice, “Signora” Murgia. If you ever need help, shut up … and refrain from calling law enforcement“.

The “lady” @michimurgia is politically incorrect. I was struck, but not sunk, by his words of …

Posted by Rita Dalla Chiesa on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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