Road Crabs: A group of crabs on Christmas Island, Australia

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Canberra: Wherever you turn, there are only crabs. Do not be surprised when you hear. The incident is true. This is a rare sight on Christmas Island in Australia. The whole island is full of oats.

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Authorities have closed roads in some places and announced a partial lockdown as crabs have taken over the island’s streets. Christmas Island is a mass exodus from the jungle to the sea. This happens every year. Five crore red crabs are migrating to the coast. Researchers say that this is the largest exodus of living things in the universe.

Since it is an annual event, the island authorities have built special lanes and suspension bridges to cross the road for crabs moving into the sea. It is estimated that about 50 million red crabs travel to and from the sea each year. “Once the red crabs’ exodus to Christmas Island is complete, there will be crabs everywhere,” said a spokesman for the environmental group Parks Australia.

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