Road parallel to via del Circuito: permit issued, now works – Three years after the presentation of the project, the long process for the construction of the via Valle Roveto link road, parallel to via del Circuito, seems to have reached the finish line. Yesterday the commissioner for public works Luigi Albore Mascia he made it known that the landscaping authorization was also issued by the offices, ie the last authorization that was missing, after the hydraulic one already assigned by the Civil Engineers, to start the intervention.
An intervention which, however, in recent months had aroused protests from some residents against the overbuilding of green areas along the river. On the other hand, according to what was reported by the councilor, the problem of the requirements raised some time ago by the Superintendence of fine arts and landscape of Abruzzo would also be solved. Those observations would have already been incorporated with some changes to the project. In short, everything seems ready to begin. «I believe that within this month», said Albore Mascia, «the works can already start». They should last five months in all, so the road should be ready by the autumn considering the summer break.
Works that, however, should have already started by the end of February, then postponed pending the arrival of the landscape authorization.
The link road is actually the doubling of via del Circuito in the stretch that goes from the intersection with via Pian delle Mele to piazza Pierangeli. An intervention that will allow traffic congestion via del Circuito with benefits for the entire hospital area. In this way you can take via Valle Roveto from the intersection with via Pian delle Mele avoiding the chaotic traffic of via del Circuito. This should also make it possible to reduce certainly very high air pollution in that area.
The project, which dates back to the previous municipal administration, envisages two types of interventions in particular. The construction of a roundabout located at the intersection between via del Circuito and via Pian delle Mele and the construction of a new road that will reconnect to via Valle Roveto, i.e. the riverside, in order to double via del Circuito from the height of via Pian delle Mele to the port, with a one-way journey. The expected cost is 500 thousand euros. The prescriptions indicated by the Superintendency concerned exclusively some technical measures, to which the Municipality would already have adapted. More precisely, the Superintendency had requested the assistance of an archaeologist in the works, the timely communication of the start of the intervention, the shielding between the new road artery and the neighboring gardens. With the negotiated procedure, then, the company that will have to carry out the work was also identified, which presented a decrease of 31 percent.
Furthermore, the new roundabout will have an elongated shape of 21 meters with a central island equipped with a passable strip. The road will be 3.50 meters wide; the right side pavement instead 1.50. Works are also planned for the collection of rainwater, while the lighting will be guaranteed by existing poles and by additional systems. Once the work is finished, the horizontal and vertical signs will also be created.
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