Roadhog gets long-awaited nerf in latest Overwatch 2 patch

The power of the Roadhog has been a huge talking point in the Overwatch 2 community over the past few weeks and months. Heroes have been wreaking havoc in casual and ranked games around the world, and fans have been begging Blizzard to fix it. These prayers were finally answered.

Because in the latest patch notes, we can see that Roadhog is one of four heroes being targeted, with changes targeting several different areas of his outfit. The impact damage of the chain hook has been reduced, and the final distance of the pull has also been changed by one meter. On top of that, his scrap gun now hits for less damage, but will fire more often, reload faster, and still have one round left in the magazine.As Blizzard said, this will Hopefully “reduces the frustration of being hooked and pulled by a Roadhog and immediately dying with a single shot”the character should now be “More dependent on the specific hero matchup and how the hooked target reacts”.

Beyond that, sojourn is back on the topic again, Heroic railguns now do less damage per shell, and the energy buff for alternative fire takes a different form, now relying on primary fire hits on enemies instead of damage.

Tongzi’s Heal Daejeon recovery time has also been increased a bit, and the bonus health provided by Orissa’s boost has been reduced by 50. Also fixed some bug fixes for Lucio, Reinhardt, Sojourn and Wrecking Ball.

Hopefully this shakes the meta for the final weeks of season 2.


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