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Robbie Williams only performed in Munich at the end of August, and now he has already announced the next tour. He brings his hits to the stage with an orchestra.


After the tour is before the tour: The British pop star Robbie Williams (48) will stop again in February with several concerts in Germany. The former singer of the boy band Take That will appear on February 1st as part of his “XXV” tour in Hamburg’s Barclays Arena, as the Karsten Jahnke concert management announced on Monday in Hamburg.

Other dates in Germany are Cologne on February 5th, Frankfurt/Main on February 15th and Berlin on February 20th, according to Williams’ website.

The album for the tour features many of the biggest hits from his solo career, which has now spanned 25 years. Hence the title “XXV”, the Roman number 25. The new album was released at the beginning of September. According to Williams, he and his team rearranged the songs that were clicked the most on YouTube and recorded them with an orchestra.

Meanwhile, in the new issue of “ZEITmagazin MANN” (in stores from September 27), Williams speaks very openly about raising his four children: “When it comes to education, I’m very, very negligent. I don’t care if my children are educated or not .” This has already become a problem for his eldest daughter Teddy (10): “I’ve told her too often: Teddy, don’t worry about it, don’t stress about learning, it’s okay, you don’t need it. She has Apparently he took it very seriously.”

His wife Ayda, on the other hand, pays a lot of attention to a good education. He himself attaches more importance to social interaction: “I’m strict when it comes to politeness: looking people in the eye, shaking hands, saying please and thank you.” (dpa)


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