Roberto Gervaso died, aphorist collaborated with Montanelli

After a long illness, the journalist and essayist Roberto Gervaso passes away at the age of 82. A great lover of history, he wrote the six volumes of the “History of Italy” together with Indro Montanelli. He loved to call himself an “aphorist” for the literary genre refined in writing and for the short lines. Many remember him with the inevitable bow tie. Defined as the “king of interviewers”, he began his career as a journalist at Corriere della Sera in 1960. His many aphorisms are collected in four volumes: “The Talking Cricket”, his real nickname. After the extraordinary sales success of “Cagliostro”, Gervaso publishes six other historical biographies. Between the 70s and 80s he wrote about Nerone, Casanova, the Borgias and Claretta Petacci. His books are translated in many countries: from Spain to France, from the United States to Japan. After his years at Corriere, in 1996 he landed on television. He hosts the program “Peste e Corna”, broadcast from Monday to Friday on Retequattro. In recent years he has collaborated with various newspapers: “Il Mattino”, “Il Messaggero”, “Il Gazzettino”.



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