‘Robotic Cyberknife’; UAE introduces new technology for cancer surgery

Dubai: New technology for cancer surgery ‘Robotic Cyber ​​Knife’ in the UAE. Dubai Neuro Spinal Hospital officials said the surgery could be performed without further pain. The new technology is being introduced at the Neuro Spinal Hospital in Barsha Science Park.

The robotic cyberknife is the first surgical technology to be introduced in the UAE at the hospital’s cancer treatment center.

Professor Abdul Kareem Masadi, the hospital’s founder, said the robot could use cyberknife technology to remove tumors in areas of the body that are difficult for surgical instruments to reach through radiation therapy. Surgery can be performed without pain. According to the oncologist, the new system will allow the patient to leave the hospital on the same day as it is completed. Salam Yanak said.

Cancerous tumors of the head, neck, spine, kidneys and liver can be easily cured by robotic cyberknife radiation. The hospital officials said that the treatment with the new technology will only cover the cost of the existing cancer treatment. COO Dana Masdi also attended the press conference.


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