Rodolfo Tailhade revealed that he is waiting for a kidney transplant

Rodolfo Tailhade revealed that he is waiting for a kidney transplant

2023-05-31 17:47:48

The national deputy of the Frente de Todos Rodolfo Tailhade decided to make public He is waiting for a kidney transplant. “I had not told it before because it did not seem necessary to me, until Javier Milei’s public speech appeareda person who according to electoral polls can be President of the Nation”, the legislator told PROFILE.

Tailhade He suffers from a genetically transmitted kidney disease called polycystosis that has no cure. Es one of the 30 thousand people on dialysis y uNo of the 7,000 Argentines enrolled in the Incucai to receive an organ donation. “I have had the disease since I was born. At the age of 18 I began to undergo medication treatment and I have been on dialysis for two and a half years. I had not told it before because it did not seem necessary to me, until the public speech of Javier Miley“, he pointed.

“Faced with such a dangerous speech, from such an important person, I decided to tell my story, which is the story of thousands of Argentines who are kidney patients and thousands of others who are on the waiting list; people who the last thing they deserve are speeches of this nature, which shock and generate much concern and consternation in families”, he explained.

Javier Milei once again supported the sale of organs: “Let’s look for market mechanisms”

According to the deputy, the majority of people who undergo dialysis do not have social work and attend public institutions. That’s why Faced with a discourse that sees organ trade as feasible, “these families are collapsing.” In his case, Tailhade has siblings who are undergoing studies to be able to be donors, but his mother, who suffered from the same disease, spent six years on dialysis. Fortunately he got a transplant and had a survival of 20 more years.

Knowing the problem closely, the legislator will present a project this Thursday, June 1 in Congress to promote organ donation, since “Between 4 and 7 thousand organs are lost per year in the country because nobody warns that there is a person with brain death in such a place”.

“The issue that there are people who spend 13, 14, 15 years on dialysis is one of the main concerns that patients have,” he warned. The example to take to reverse this, according to Tailhade, is that of Spain where no one spends more than two years on dialysis because a transplant is guaranteed in that period.

The deputy announced that he will present tomorrow in the Chamber of Deputies a project of declaration of interest of the Procurar programa program of the Ministry of Health “that aims to have an organ and tissue procurement unit in large hospitals, especially throughout the country.”

The program demands that one or two professionals be attentive to cases of possible organ donation. “The main problem we have is that we are not able to detect the number of organs available, that is, between four and seven thousand organs are lost every year in the country because no one warns that there is a brain dead person in such a place. With a procurement unit in each hospital, this is significantly reduced, ”she stressed.

Tailhade’s message through his social networks about his health and organ donation

On May 30, for National Organ Donation Day, the deputy shared a message on social networks where he revealed his illness and that he is waiting for a transplant. Through a video he recounted: “Only 4 out of every thousand people who die are suitable to donate organs and many times the donation does not materialize because the hospitals do not have the necessary structure to preserve the organs”.

“Since I was born, I have suffered from kidney disease for which, to this day, there is no known cure: polycystic disease. It is a genetic disease that I inherited from my mother who, in turn, inherited it from her father. Over time, the disease caused my kidneys to stop working. And, for more than two years, I have been one of the 30,000 Argentines who are on dialysis ”, she completed.

He added that despite the Justina Law (approved in 2018 and which provides that “any capable person over the age of 18” is a possible organ or tissue donor, unless they have expressly stated otherwise) that, “Despite the solidarity of Argentine men and women who make their willingness to donate explicit, obtaining organs is not easy”.


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