Rogozin will ask the head of NASA and Biden to “calm down” supporters of sanctions

The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin will ask the head of NASA Bill Nelson to petition the US President to end the sanctions regime against Russian enterprises. The head of the Russian space agency told RIA Novosti about this.

He recalled that a few months ago he wrote a letter to the US Department of Commerce and has not yet received a response. Rogozin intends to give a copy of the letter to his colleague at NASA. “I will ask him to meet with President Joe Biden, so that together they give the necessary instructions to their fighters for sanctions, so that they finally calm down,” the head of Roscosmos explained.

He hopes to be able to explain to Nelson the lack of logic in the sanctions. According to Rogozin, the new head of NASA is a wise and experienced person, he must understand.

In December last year, a sanctions list was published on the website of the US Department of Commerce, which included the Progress Rocket and Space Center, where Soyuz rockets are made, and the head scientific institute of the state corporation TsNIIMash. Rogozin called the US sanctions against enterprises in the Russian rocket and space industry illegal and stupid. He noted that TsNIIMash is the leading branch scientific institute, which includes the ISS Mission Control Center, where a group of NASA specialists is permanently located. “Should they not know that there is nothing there that could connect this institution with military research?” – said the CEO.



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