Role of Education Rangat Rahmaniyyah – Sadiqali Thangal | Rahma Niyya’s role in education is exemplary – Sadiqali Thangal

Dubai: Contributed by Kadameri Rahmaniyya to the co-operative education sector For half a century we have been known to be pure and exemplary. Rahmaniyya Arabic College is moving forward with revival activities. Rahmaniyya Arabic College President Pana said that it is the expectation of Mohit. Kad Sadiqali Shihab. Kadameri Rahmaniyya Golden Jubilee from 23rd to 25th December 2022 GCC head releases campaign poster and speaks He ran. New challenges are emerging every day in the social arena. The activities of Rahmaniyyah and Rahmanis during this period They are praiseworthy.

Samu promotes liberalism and secular rationalism. Stop at Rahmaniyya Campus to overcome cultural barriers Kotumala Bapu Musliar Memorial Theopark Saha nearing completion They added that it would be good.

Rahmaniyya UAE Chapter President Ibrahim Murichandi Sangam Stressed. Shamsuddin Bin Moiteen, Puthur Rahman, PK Anwar Naha, Pottankandi A Abdullah, O.K Ibrahim, Parakal Muhammad, Kuttikandi Abubakar, Hassa In Chalil, Moitu Aroor was contacted. General Secretary PK Abdul Karim Welcome and Nasser Rahmani Thank you Ryu.


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