Rome Film Fest 2020, the director of “Soul” Peter Docter: “They are not just films for children”

Interview with the Academy Award winner for “Inside Out” and “Up” – Ansa /Courier TV

The Rome Film Fest opens with the preview of Soul, the Disney Pixar film directed by Peter Docter, first career prize of the fifteenth edition of the film festival: “These are not just children’s films, because animation communicates through the pencil the same emotions that the canonical films do with the pen, in writing, and subsequently with the camera. With Soul we wanted something light, while at the same time dealing with profound topics, such as the meaning of life, the joy of small things, and what is the spark that animates us for each of us ”. The Oscar-winning director then concludes: “I like what we have achieved in Soul, I hope it can speak to everyone in a visceral and emotional way”.



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