Rome, Montesano’s no vax rally at the protest against the green pass: “We need a political force to represent us”. In 1500 at the Circus Maximus

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Montesano show in Largo Ugo La Malfa, during the event No green pass organized at the Circus Maximus in Rome. Approximately 1500 people they acclaimed the Roman actor, who in recent days had launched an appeal from social channels for a peaceful protest against the obligation of a green certificate. Montesano intervened on several occasions from the improvised stage at the foot of the monument for Giuseppe Mazzini, touching on all the issues dear to the no vax, between conspiracy and fake news: from doubts about the protection of the vaccine against Covid 19, to criticism against what is defined ‘new world order’. Among the interventions also those of the deputy Sara cunial, former 5 Stars now Mixed Group, known for its positions against the vaccine. Around 6 pm, once the interventions were completed, one of the souls of the square tried to move in procession but gave up shortly after. About an hour later therehe demonstration dissolved without particular tension

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