Rome, the former Penicillin factory in San Basilio is on fire. “It’s covered in asbestos and there’s toxic waste inside. Ecological bomb risk “

A large fire broke out on Monday evening atformer Penicillin factory on via Tiburtina, in San Basilio, in the north-eastern outskirts of Rome: a building occupied several times by people homeless despite the constant evictions. They were the first to give the news activists of various acronyms (including Power to the People and Asia Usb) present on site for an election campaign event. “The causes are not yet known but we immediately express our utmost concern for the poisons that will be released and that the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods will breathe, ”he writes on Facebook Carlo De Felici, candidate for president of the IV municipality for Power to the people. “We reported it only a few days ago, it is necessary to reclaim the building by polluting waste and from the asbestos with which it is covered and it must be done immediately, to protect the health of the inhabitants of eastern Rome ”.

“We said it on Saturday and we repeat it now – it is necessary to seize the building and start areclamation work and reconversion from the toxic waste and asbestos it is covered with and it must be done immediately! ”, writes the movement again on its social channels. “The indecency of the city administration caused this ecological bomb on the inhabitants of San Basilio and all of eastern Rome ”. “There lived Italian and foreign citizens who, having no roof over their heads and no longer knowing where else to go, periodically reoccupied it. Ownership secure that artifact once and for all. It is a highly polluting place, one of the shame of this city, ”he says Michelangelo Giglio of Asia Usb. So far, however, the fire has affected brushwood and waste and at the moment, there is no news of people involved. Extinguishing operations by the fire brigade are in progress and the presence of people inside the structure is in any case being verified.

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