‘Rooster’ parties defined by local councils of Coahuila

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After the deadline for registration of candidacies for the local governments and councils of Coahuilawho will be elected at the polls next June 4.

While the records for the governorship were given between Thursday and Sunday of last week, as for the local councils, yesterday the last records were given, right in the deadline according to the calendar of the electoral process.

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for the coalition PRI-PAN-PRD highlights the search for re-election by district 12, based in Ramos Arizpe, of Edna Davalos; Light Elena Guadalupe Morales Nunez, Maria Barbara Cepeda Boehringer and Alvaro MoreiraThey also seek to repeat in office for the 13th, 14th and 16th districts of Saltillo, respectively. Through the 15th arrondissement Beatriz Eugenia Fraustro, daughter of the mayor of Saltillo, José María Fraustro. These applicants are on the ticket with PRD militants.

Yesterday, the PRI announced the rest of its applications where there are more reelection searches: for district 3, in Sabinas, Jesus Maria Montemayor Garza; Guadalupe Oyervides Valdesfor district 4, in San Pedro de las Colonias; Raul Onofre Contrerasin district 7, of Matamoros; Hector Hugo Davila Pradofor the 10th arrondissement and Olivia Martinez in the 11. In the 2 it goes Guillermo Ruiz.

National Action, as part of the coalition with PRI and PRD registered in district 1, based in Ciudad Acuña, to Claudia Elizabeth Aldrete Garcia; by districts 5 and 6 based in Monclova and Frontera, they Alfredo Paredes López and Edith Hernández Sillasrespectively.

For districts 8 and 9, of Torreón, they were designated Gerardo Abraham Aguado Gómez and Blanca Rubí Lamas Velázquez. The PRI nominated 11 proprietary candidates on the ticket with the PRD, and the PAN, five.


The state leadership of Morena presented yesterday the profiles of its candidates for local deputies.

From the Morenista list, the search for the 8th district deputation stands out, for Jose Angel Perez Hernandez, who in 2017 sought the governorship of Coahuila for the Labor Party and was part of the “Coahuila Digno” movement.

It also highlights that the local deputy Lizbeth Ogazonseeks re-election and will register as a candidate for District 12. Luis Alberto Zavala Diazwho was coordinator of the Pension Program for Older Adults of the Welfare Secretariat, goes through district 13.

Dove of Santos Perezwas registered by district 1; Carlos Jacobo Rodriguez Gonzalezby district 2, in Piedras Negras. Elisa Carolina Saucedo Rodriguezfor district 3; Edgar Gerardo Sanchez Garzaby district 4, in San Pedro de las Colonias. Cesar Flores Sosa, by district 5, in Monclova; Karla Monica Escalera Mendozafor the 6th district, based in Frontera.

Ruby Alejandrina Salazar Morales by district 7, in Matamoros; Jose Miguel Martinez Camposfor the 9th arrondissement; Dew Guadalupe of Lazy Aguinagafor the 10th district, both based in Torreón. Rodolfo Walss goes for 11; Nancy Cuevas Sanchezfor the 14th arrondissement; Alma Cristina Medina Sanchezfor the 15th arrondissement and Antonio Lorenzo Castro Villarrealfor district 16, these based in Saltillo.


The coalition UDC-Partido Verde Ecologista de México registered for district 1 a Hector Alberto de Luna Sanchez, who was the coordinator of Social Programs in the municipality of Acuña, of the state’s Secretariat of Inclusion and Social Development; by the 2, to Angel Luis Garza Resendez; through district 3, Zulmma Verenice Guerrero Cázaresformer deputy and undersecretary for Gender Equality of the State Government Secretariat.

Through the 4th arrondissement Alfredo Sanchez Herrera; through the 5th arrondissement Griselda Irasema Arreguin; through the 6th arrondissement Maria del Carmen Villalobos Guerrero; a Rosa Isela Pina Avila, for the 7th arrondissement; to Sandra Guadalupe Sierra Limones; through the 8th arrondissement Bernardo Moctezuma Hernandez for district 9, to the former delegate of SEMARNAT, Ignacio Corona Rodriguezfor the 10.

Claudia Elvira Rodríguez Márquezfor the 11th district; Alejandro Martinez Alvarezfor the 12th arrondissement. Daisy Ibarra Molinafor 13; Diana Karina Molina Arriagafor 14; Carlos Alejandro Lara Perezfor 15 and the former candidate for mayor of Saltillo, Limbar Ulises Montemayor Valdezfor the 16.


Citizen Movement registered Maria Guadalupe Garcia Vazquez by district 1; to Claudia Leticia Cedillo Gonzalez, for district 2; to Brenda Elizabeth Flores Floresfor district 3; Javier Antonio Handal Castillofor the 4th arrondissement, already Abelardo Eaglestone Ibarrafor the 5th arrondissement.

Marco Antonio Rendon Hernandez by district 6; Jose Eduardo Aguilar Albafor the 7th arrondissement; Ricardo Alfonso Meraz Guerrerofor the 8th arrondissement; Jesus Ramon Garcia Colorsby District 9 and Georgina Yadira Morales Marcosfor the 10th arrondissement.

Through the 11th arrondissement Mariana Ortega Cuevas; for the 12th, to Aurora Hernandez Boone; for the 13th, to Albany Ruby Castro Rodriguez; for the 14th, to Erick Rodrigo Valdez Rangel; for the 15th, to Hector Carlos Salazar Arriagaand for the 16th, to the activist in favor of HIV-AIDS patients, Aida Guadalupe Garcia Badillo.

The Labor Party has not provided the defined list of its candidates.

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