Roscosmos tried to track the fall of the stage of the Chinese rocket Long March-5B

Russia monitored the deorbiting of the second stage of the Long March-5B rocket. This was stated by the executive director of Roskosmos for promising programs and science Alexander Bloshenko, stressing that the orientation of the Aist-2D satellite was specially changed for this purpose.

“Usually” Aist “removes the Earth. It was deployed in a special way on command from the Earth, calculating the mutual ballistics of the” Aist “and the stages of the Chinese rocket,” he said.

The representative of Roscosmos noticed that as a result, on the morning of May 9, the Earth remote sensing apparatus (ERS) took a picture of the step, but against the background of space.

“On the one hand, this was a unique operation, on the other hand, ERS satellites have this capability in a regular way, they can change their orientation to calibrate by stars,” the specialist explained.

Recall, on April 29, the CZ-5B launch vehicle launched from the Wenchang cosmodrome and launched the Tianhe base module of the future Chinese modular space station into orbit. After that, the second stage of the launch vehicle carried out an uncontrolled deorbit – its debris fell into the Indian Ocean.



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