Rosgvardia proposed to more thoroughly check those wishing to purchase weapons

The bill, developed by Rosgvardia and published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts, proposes a more thorough check of citizens wishing to purchase firearms. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB are invited to do this – they have operational capabilities for this. And in accordance with the results of such a check, the Russian Guard will issue or refuse to issue a weapon license.

Moreover, law enforcement agencies will have the right to revoke already issued licenses.

Rosgvardia spokesman Valery Gribakin said that the draft federal law “On Amendments to the Federal Law” On Weapons “and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” is aimed at increasing the efficiency of state administration in the sphere of arms circulation, strengthening control over the legality of possession of civilian weapons.

The main criterion when making a decision – whether or not a person can be allowed a weapon – will be the conclusion: whether he poses an increased danger to others, whether he will pose a threat to public safety. The applicants for a firearm will be checked according to several parameters – whether a person is involved in an organized criminal group, including an extremist or terrorist one, whether he is planning to use a weapon to commit crimes.

That is, operatives will read his statements on social networks, possibly talk to his fellow practitioners, neighbors, work colleagues and relatives.

In addition, as Valery Gribakin emphasized, the bill provides for the granting of powers to the FSB of Russia to conduct an appropriate audit.

The Rosgvardia believes that with the introduction of such checks, it will be possible to prevent the tragedies that have occurred in several schools in the country. Indeed, it was only after the death of dozens of schoolchildren and students that it suddenly became clear that their peers who had killed them were writing threatening posts in their accounts. For the time being, this was perceived as an extravagant joke, which no one took seriously. And then it got too late. Surprisingly, such posts of the three student killers were very similar to each other, it was enough just to compare them. If this had been done, then two tragedies – after Kerch – could already have been prevented by taking away the weapons from the thugs.

The main criterion by which they will decide whether a person can be allowed a weapon is whether he poses an increased danger to others

Recall that until now such checks were carried out only in Soviet times, and even then not everywhere. They could sometimes request a testimonial from a job.

Today, in order to buy a civilian weapon, it is enough to show a hunting ticket if it is for hunting. And if only for sports shooting or self-defense, then a ticket is not needed.

A prerequisite is the availability of the correct conditions for storing weapons, that is, a safe or a metal cabinet. And also – a medical examination, which must be passed every five years.



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