Roskomnadzor considers fines the best measure of influence on Google and Facebook

The head of Roskomnadzor, Andrey Lipov, believes that when imposing restrictions on social networks and other Internet platforms, it is necessary to correlate “the amount of harm with the amount of benefit.” In his opinion, fines are a sufficient measure for Google and Facebook.

“If the threats that will come from this or that social network will exceed the benefits of this social network, then more radical measures will be applied to them. As of today, we believe that there are enough fines for now, ”Lipov said to journalists when asked under what conditions Google or Facebook could be slowed down (quoted by Interfax). The head of Roskomnadzor explained the “drastic measures” against Twitter by the fact that the social network did not delete prohibited information related to children.

Mr. Lipov considers fines an effective measure. “There, from the administrators responsible for moderation, the management began to ask:“ Why are we fined? ”. Previously, they could always hide behind that the only way was to block them, and no one will ever block them, ”the head of Roskomnadzor says.

On the eve of the magistrate court in Moscow, Google and Facebook were found guilty of administrative violations for failure to delete prohibited information. The total amount of fines from Google was 6 million rubles, from Facebook – 26 million rubles. Earlier, large fines have already been received by Group, social networks, including TikTok, Twitter and Telegram.

More details – in the material of “Kommersant” “Google and Facebook are depriving millions.”



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