Roskomnadzor demanded to exclude threats against Russians from Google services

Roskomnadzor demanded that the American company Google immediately exclude threats against Russian users from the company’s services, the agency’s press service reports.

The claims of the Internet regulator are related to the operation of the automatic translation service Google.Translate. As stated in Roskomnadzor, when entering the phrase dear Russians (“dear Russians”) on the Google.Translate website, a prompt appeared with a proposal to replace it with a translation of the phrase dead Russians (“dead Russians”).

The RKN considered this a violation of an “extremist nature” and demanded that Google take “exhaustive measures to prevent such situations in relation to Russian users”, as well as report on the reasons for such messages.

Last week, Roskomnadzor banned advertising of any Google services in Russia and ordered Russian search engines to inform users of Google violations when accessing its resources. This requirement began to fulfill, in particular, “Yandex”. “Enforcement measures” are taken against six of the company’s services: Google search engine, Google Pay app store, Youtube video hosting, Youtube Music music service, Gmail email and Google Chat.

The department justified the decision by spreading fakes on Youtube about the course of the military operation in Ukraine and discrimination on the platform of a number of Russian media and organizations.

Prior to this, Roskomnadzor also demanded that the Google administration immediately lift restrictions on the search results of the official websites of Russian government agencies, as well as explain the reasons for their introduction. According to the RKN, the search engine excluded the sites of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation from the results for the Russian audience. In 2021, 21 protocols were drawn up against Google for refusing to remove prohibited content, the amount of fines exceeded 51 million rubles. The company paid only part of them.


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