Roskomnadzor launched an investigation into a large-scale data leak of Moscow motorists

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Roskomnadzor has sent inquiries to those organizations that may contain the base of car owners that turned out to be in the possession of the cybercriminals, a representative of the department told Vedomosti. In particular, the request was sent to the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. The organization “Vedomosti” did not answer the question of receiving a request from the regulator.

On Friday, Kommersant reported that a large-scale database of Moscow motorists appeared on the darknet. According to the publication, the database of 50 million lines contained names, dates of birth, phone numbers, VIN codes and numbers of cars, their brands and models, as well as the year of registration. The seller himself told the newspaper that he received information from an insider in the traffic police.

“Vedomosti” sent a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which oversees the activities of the traffic police.


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