Roskomnadzor (RKN) threatened to slow down the traffic of Google services if the Internet giant does not remove all “prohibited content” within 24 hours. On Monday, May 24, Russian news agencies report this, citing a press release from the department, which indicates that up to 30 percent of links to content prohibited in Russia are retained in the search engine, and 5 thousand prohibited videos have not been removed from the YouTube video hosting site, including including 3.5 thousand with “calls to extremism.”

If all controversial content is not removed within 24 hours, the department intends to draw up a protocol under the Code of Administrative Offenses, the repeated violation of which provides for a fine of up to 10 percent of annual revenue. “Roskomnadzor does not exclude a slowdown in the traffic of the company’s services in Russia,” the message says.

Earlier, Roskomnadzor has already drawn up protocols on Google three times for selective removal of links to prohibited sites; the courts imposed fines on the company from 700 thousand to 3 million rubles.

On May 24, the Kommersant newspaper reported that the Internet concern had filed a lawsuit against Roskomnadzor for the first time, challenging the requirement to remove 12 links to YouTube videos, which RKN considers calls to participate in rallies in January 2021.

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