Roskosmos explained the failure of part of the state programs to pandemic and sanctions

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The coronavirus pandemic and foreign sanctions have negatively affected the implementation of state programs by Roscosmos, said the first deputy general director of the corporation for economics and finance Maxim Ovchinnikov. Last year’s report stated that the Federal Space Program for 2016–2025 was completed by 55%, the GLONASS system development program – 80%, the Russian Cosmodromes program – 30%.

Mr. Ovchinnikov told TASS that some of the launches under the GLONASS system development program were not carried out, since there was no “operational need in connection with the reliability of the devices.” The program for the development of cosmodromes has been adjusted, and the timing of some events has been changed, he says.

“As for the execution of state programs. Their implementation was negatively affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic, a decrease in resource support for events, as well as sanctions for the supply of components for rocket and space technology, “said the first deputy general director of Roscosmos.

In 2020, the net profit of the state corporation decreased 42 times, and on foreign contracts it lost more than 1 billion rubles. Maxim Ovchinnikov explained the decline in profits “by the non-monetary effect associated with the revaluation of shares in enterprises owned by the corporation in the process of their transfer to subsidiary holdings.

Earlier this week, President Vladimir Putin criticized the government for delaying the implementation of orders to develop the space industry. The package of measures had to be approved by August 30, but this has not yet been done, which, according to Mr Putin, jeopardizes plans for the development of the industry.

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