Roskosmos presented a humanoid robot for work in open space

Roskosmos presented a new generation anthropomorphic robot (the Teledroid project), which is planned to be used for work in outer space. Video and photos of the robot are published on the Youtube channel and the website of the state corporation. It follows from them that the Teledroid outwardly resembles a human torso without legs, while in the video the limbs of the robot are set in motion by a person.

Teledroid is a joint project of NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika and RSC Energia. In March 2021, the enterprises signed a contract for the creation of a new generation robotic complex designed for spacewalks. It is assumed that it will be based on the International Space Station (ISS) or a promising Russian orbital station and will be able to work both inside and outside.

According to the developers, the robot will function in avatar mode, copying the movements of an operator in a special suit, located on the ISS or on Earth. As Evgeny Dudorov, executive director of the NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika, explained earlier, the Teledroid will be used as a “smart assistant”: before the astronaut leaves the ship, he will prepare the workplace. The robot will be able to perform some movements on its own. The experiment to put the Teledroid into orbit is scheduled for 2024. In May last year, the company reported that the robot would be able to work in orbit for 3-4 years, although according to the terms of reference it should be operated for six months. More precise timelines will become clear as the project develops and more data becomes available.

NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika on Monday announced the launch in Magnitogorsk of the production of electric motors for a robot – the ninth standard size in the line of synchronous brushless motors with a permanent magnet (AT Drive 38 * 12). As explained in the company, the engines of the AT Drive line were installed in the FEDOR robot, which completed a full space flight cycle in August 2019.


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