Roskosmos uses virtual reality to create technology

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The virtual reality complex created at Roscosmos will be used for the production of equipment by designers remote from each other, said Konstantin Shadrin, director of the digital development department of Roscosmos.

RK-Tsifra is developing a virtual reality complex.

According to him, such complexes can be used in various fields.

“Various legal entities of the company and teams of remotely distributed designers will be able to work with the same 3D model of the product,” Shadrin gave an example.

As the director of the department noted, the complex can be used for interaction in the direction of robotics, displaying multimedia content in various directions, in particular for the popularization of astronautics.

In 2020, the industry-specific IT-integrator of Roscosmos presented the first-generation virtual helmet “Roscosmos XR – 1”. This year it is planned to create a second version of the devices.


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