Rossano Rubicondi, Afternoon 5 publishes the latest Whatsapp audio: “I had 27 surgeries, I have one left and then another chemo”

It has now been more than a week since the death of Rossano Rubicondi yet we still continue to question the tumor that cost him his life. The latest news comes from Afternoon 5: in these days Barbara d’urso he devoted ample space to the disappearance of the Roman model, calling his closest friends as guests, including a certain Michele. He was the protagonist in the episode of Friday 5 November, during which the last audio messages that Rubicondi had sent him in the weeks before his death were broadcast. Vowels in which speaks clearly about the disease and the therapies he was undergoing.

First of all, an audio dating back to 8 September was played, in which Rossano Rubicondi was heard saying to his friend: “I’m covered, I don’t want to hurt you. On the chest, back, leg … Forget it, I have to get back right away that we have to do operations, that … Qhis month will be, my dear, it will be terrible, mental, but above all physical “. No explicit reference, but it looks like what it is referring to is the cancer.

Then again, Barbara d’Urso transmitted other voice messages sent by the ex-husband of Ivana Trump: “But I’m ready eh, for that I am pissed, because fifteen days of useless quarantine, thrown away, when already … Okay, in any case it is useless to talk about it. Thanks again dear, let me go back down to New York for a while next week. I put it all back it all messed up look, headache“. Finally, the last dramatic message, dated 20 October, nine days before Rossano’s death: “I go forward every day – said the model -. Now I have had 27 operations, the stitches are passing, I have to do another surgery, then another chemo, then I’ll take a week for myself and it will be like this until Christmas. Good, have fun”.


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