Rotem Sela burst into the cockpit while the plane was in the air – and this is the reason

Rotem Sela burst into the cockpit while the plane was in the air – and this is the reason

The waitress spent the last few days Rotem Sela On a dream vacation in Dubai together with her husband Ariel Rutter and the pair of friends Hello Michaelashvili and his wife Inbal Selvi. Tonight the two couples boarded a plane back to the Holy Land, but even before landing, the model and presenter couldn’t relax from the thought – “Did I tell the babysitter to pick up the girl from class?”.

Rotem Sela about her children (photo: Instagram screenshot)

In an unusual and unusual way, the worried Sela decided not to wait until arriving in Israel and to do everything in her power to contact the babysitter. In a story she uploaded to Instagram from the plane, she shared: “Let’s say you get on a flight (without an internet connection) and suddenly you’re really stressed because you don’t remember if you told the babysitter that you need to pick up the girl from class. And let’s say you ask the pilots to contact the special operator of the flights or something so that she Talk to the babysitter and check that she picked up the child – does that count under the definition of a drowning mother?”

To the laugh-out-loud caption, Sela attached a photo of a note on which it was written as a message from the operator in question: “The babysitter picked up the girl and they are at home”, which undoubtedly provides us with the answer the scattered mother was looking for. If you thought it ended there, you’ll surely laugh when you find out that when she got home, Sela found out that her dog Archie had eaten all the chocolates she brought from abroad. And that’s without even considering the earthquake that was felt at the time. Rotem – soft landing it will be.


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