Royal Enfield: Bullet lovers; Royal Enfield Hunter 350, It’s Not the Bullet You Think | Royal Enfield Hunter 350 – Top-10 Facts

It was almost 5 years in the making. Royal Enfield has now fielded Hunter in a way. Here are the top 10 facts about Hunter!

Light weight bullet

1. Royal Enfield’s Smallest and Lightest Bullet!

The Hunter 350 will be RE’s lightest bike. Its weight is about 181 kg. It weighs 14 kg less than the Bullet Classic 350. And its wheelbase – 20mm less than regular Bullet. The shorter the wheelbase… the easier it is to corner the bike like a sud sud, make easy U-turns etc.

2. Even short people can drive!

Also, its seat height is 800 mm. So, no big bulk parties… The Hunter’s handling is perfect for skinny ghillies and shorter people.

3. Two variants, many colors!

The Hunter 350 comes in two variants, Retro and Metro, of which the Retro variant is the initial variant. You can’t expect many facilities in this. Spoke wheel, small digital display, rear drum brake are few features. Factory Black, Factory Silver, Dapper White, Dapper Ash, Dapper Grey,
Hunter comes in several colors like Rebel Black, Rebel Blue, Rebel Red.

4. There is also melting; There are also spoke wheels!

This is a bike with 17 inch wheels of same size on both sides. The Hunter comes on CEAT tyres. It is small in size. The Hunter also comes with both spoked wheels like the Sada Bullet and alloy wheels like the Meteor which are quite stylish. Only the Metro variant has the facility of alloy wheels. As the spoke wheels will probably come with tube tires, the puncture will have to push the 181kg bike ‘ah push.. push’.

5. Design

Royal Enfield has designed it like a retro model Bullet with circular headlights, the same circular instrument cluster, Digi analog style meter, LED tail lights (halogen bulbs variant also available). It holds the riding position like riding a fun naked bike. Its engine start button will have a slide feature like the Meteor. A small visor on the front prevents the wind from hitting your face.


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