Royal Family News, Carlo will not watch England-Italy: “Too many emotions”

Carlo and his wife Camilla (Lapresse)

England-Italy has already triggered the fever of all football fans and even members of the Royal Family, with William and Kate unleashed cheering for the home team. But not that of Prince Charles, who “can’t stand the psychological pressure” of live matches

The final of the European Championships scheduled for Sunday 11 July at Wembley it is the first final of an international tournament that England has played since 1966, when the team of the Three Lions won the home world championship.

The pressure on the team of Gareth Southgate it is therefore huge, with political personalities expected at the stadium and the Premier Boris Johnson which promises a national holiday in case of victory.

Prince Charles will be among the few Englishmen who will not follow the game live on TV, as he confessed that it stresses him too much: “Watching football is a bit too much for my nerves,” said the Prince of Wales.

By the time he was 72, the heir to the throne became more sensitive. On the occasion of the inauguration of the monument dedicated to his ex-wife, the late one Lady Diana, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his birth, he stated that he would not have participated in the ceremony for fear that it would awaken “too many memories”.


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