Royal Palace of Caserta, restoration live for visitors over the weekend

twelve o’clock, November 8, 2021 – 4:11 PM

Tourists will be able to observe the intervention on the Terrae Motus collection

A surprise next weekend for visitors to the Royal Palace of Caserta, who will be able to attend the phases of the conservation intervention on one of the works of Terrae Motus, the permanent exhibition of contemporary art donated to the Caserta monument by the Neapolitan gallery owner Lucio Amelio. The initiative scheduled for Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November, when the intervention of the restorers on the black and white prints of the artist Robert Mapplethorpe, entitled Denis Speight with Thornes, Jack with Crown, Skull and Crossbones, Jill Chapman, will be closely observed. and Dennis Speight with Flowers.

It is necessary to book to attend the restoration phases at the historical archive and the adjoining laboratory of the Royal Palace; access will be allowed (from 9.30 to 12.30) to small groups up to a maximum number of 30 people per day. But the restoration intervention can be followed in its entirety through the new social section, # DiariodiunRestauro / Mapplethorpe, launched by the Vanvitellian Museum, which will take place weekly (scheduled every Thursday).

The particular aspect of Mapplethorpe’s works of the eighties – those belonging to the Terrae Motus collection are dated 1983 – depends not only on the lighting used during the shooting phase, with the use of filtered lights, but also on the type of photographic papers chosen and especially from the printing techniques employed by Tom Baril, a professional printer chosen by the artist to print his photos. Baril, at Mapplethorpe’s request, made use of an opaque glass screen under the magnifier’s lens. Result: the bodies of the models photographed have very softened lines and a certain softness in the yield of the skin.

November 8, 2021 | 16:11

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