RT Deutsch ǀ It’s not about make-up tips – Friday

The employee of the Google Group, who recently decided to block the RT Deutsch station on the YouTube online platform, was probably not entirely clear what he was conjuring up. RT German had bypassed a short-term ban due to incorrect information. In this case, the terms and conditions require the channel to be completely blocked. The pro-government Russian broadcaster is not the only one, it has also hit other, larger channels. So is it all routine? A brave step at all?

It is incomprehensible that the German media praise this action. You should be better informed about political issues. German newspapers accuse the Russian government of suppressing opinions outside of the mainstream close to it – by deleting them online or branding them as foreign influence. But isn’t this mostly justified criticism reflected in the action against the “Putin broadcaster”? In the future, such criticism from the West will be even more decisive – and for many more credible – with the reference to the “censorship” against RT get answered.

Does the fight against “disinformation” outweigh the interference with freedom of the press? Many media people see it that way. But operates RT German spreading false news in terms of an agenda of its own? That cannot be said so clearly. The for RT German Active journalists are specifically recruited in very “system-critical” circles in which there has also been overlap with the lateral thinker scene since the outbreak of the pandemic. But even if the editors of the major German media cannot imagine that: These people believe in the stories they produce.

That doesn’t mean that at RT German good journalism is done. Corona reporting in particular is unilaterally based on criticism of official measures and promotes opposition to vaccinations. It is a long way from the majority viewpoint of medical professionals. Often presented RT dubious individual opinions as the only truth – in contradiction to the Russian pandemic policy, which hardly differs from the western one. RT So it produces dubious journalism that certainly follows a political agenda. But a society that promotes pluralism of opinion has to endure something like that. Otherwise you would also have to like a newspaper image sanction that makes an opinion in an equally dubious quality and with a clear – here transatlantic – agenda and enormous resources. RT German is the image of the pro-Russian anti-mainstream. His German opponents, however, exaggerate the effectiveness of the station. Corona reporting has just got it RT Although it has given cult status in an anti-mainstream bubble, the station is thus marked as dubious for the rest of society. RT only works in an environment that traditional media can no longer achieve anyway. The whole thing will fall back on YouTube itself: Access to the Russian network is in danger. Perhaps the financial loss that would result can teach the corporation something. Such a deletion in the news area is different from a make-up channel that uses unauthorized chart hits: a restrictive political act by a company that likes to extol diversity and tolerance.

The affair shows that YouTube does not yet understand the role into which the company has long since grown: the platform is more than just a provider of broadcasting slots. Even without its own editorial team, it is a global medium and a social factor. In the case of such blocking actions, however, this also requires considerations that go beyond the general terms and conditions. One would also like to convey this to that unknown employee at the delete button.

Roland Bathon is a journalist. He mainly writes and blogs about Russia and Eastern Europe



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