Rugby, a “national treasure” in Samoa

Rugby, a “national treasure” in Samoa

2023-09-26 17:09:54

By Gauthier Baudin

Published 1 minute ago, Updated 1 minute ago

On the beach or at school, with a suitable school system, girls and boys play rugby every day. MANAUI FAULALO/AFP

DECRYPTION – Opposed to the Japanese on Thursday, the Manu Samoa are a dream for the young people of their islands who are passionate about oval ball.

Apia (Samoa)

Every evening, many of them go to the lawns of Apia, the country’s capital, to play rugby, or rather “rugby”: 15s, 13s, 7s, tackling, touching… Genres vary depending on the neighborhood and everyone has their preference. On these grounds where you can admire the tropical forests lining the center of the island, “everyone gets together after class or work, we play until the sun goes down, then we go to eat. It’s part of our daily life», confides Mike, gas station attendant. The ball hasn’t had a grip for a long time, nor a logo, but that doesn’t stop it from being passed from hand to hand until it runs out.

In this tropical archipelago of 215,000 inhabitants, rugby is king. It is the national sport and has no equivalent. “Life can be tough at times, but a victory for the team puts a smile on the lips of everyone in the countryexplains Seilala Mapusua, Samoa coach. The latest example is the Cup…

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