Rugby, Innocenti as candidate for president Fir with the support of Poggiali

Rome, 12 March (

“A gesture of responsibility towards Italian rugby, towards the Clubs, the Presidents, the coaches, the players and all the souls who keep our movement on their feet every day. Marzio Innocenti and Giovanni Poggiali decided today to join forces which represent under the only possible banner, that of change. Marzio Innocenti will therefore be the presidential candidate towards which the consensus of those who see a profound change, in the methods and in the culture of government, will converge, the way to revive the fortunes of Italian rugby “. Marzio Innocenti with his Renovatio Italia Rugby and Giovanni Poggiali leader of the Ready for Change list in a joint statement to, ahead of the Federugby elections.

“During this electoral campaign, tiring and hard but at the same time exciting, I confronted hundreds of clubs, large and small, understanding what enormous potential our movement has, but also the many fragilities that characterize it”, explained Giovanni Poggiali . “However, I have developed a very solid awareness: we cannot risk further delaying the change, it is necessary to take this movement away from those who brought it to collapse and to do so requires an act of responsibility, the courage to find a convergence, even by taking a step back, because the movement itself is much more important than any candidate for the presidency, and it deserves every sacrifice to bring it in the right direction. I’m sure that Marzio and I, together, will be able to direct him towards the future he deserves ”, added Poggiali.


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