Rumor? Google unveils a new tracking device called G spot

As far as we know each other Google is truly the king of search. which when we want to find any information, we must think Google Definitely the first And it is also true that the way Apple and Samsung different beats Google Both when we want to find objects in the real world.

So one designer decided to take matters into his own hands. Obi Fidler A designer from Italy has designed a tracking device and named it. G Spot It’s a highly efficient tracking device, but its name may seem a bit flashy, but its performance is the complete opposite.

which G Spot It is a smart tracking device. GPS Simple type designed according to AirTag of the way Apple Comes with a small design that is easy to carry and can be tracked through the service of Google at Find My Device and Google Maps of the way Google However, to say that it was inspired by AirTag But the features are not the same. AirTag just go

The idea of ​​creating a tracking device that Google It was created starting from Obi Ask yourself the most obvious question ever: Google I have everything ready. ecosystem map hardware

even chips Tensor High efficiency, but why? Google Therefore, tracking devices have not yet been created, although they can be easily released and marketed.

equipment G Spot look similar to AirTag Almost all in terms of design, with a beautiful UI, easy to use and can also send data from the tracker to ecosystem of Android smoothly Strap your device to your keys or put it in your backpack. Then you can track the device through your phone just like a normal tracker.

It is as small as AirTag At all, in terms of duration of use, don’t worry because the battery can be used. It lasts for many years and is designed with a Tensor chip inside as well for safety. The only real problem is that it’s still just an idea or a concept.

However, this is just a rumor or speculation from the media because the way Google Official Has not announced anything official yet. We still have to see that. Google Will designing and producing this tracking device really come out or not?



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