Ruslana Rudina is saying goodbye, this is who will step into her shoes

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The leading model and busy actress Omar Nodelman You’re getting into the shoes of Ruslana Rudina And was chosen to serve as a presenter for the designer’s wedding dress campaign Shlomit Azrad. Coming out of the reality show, will be wearing a wedding dress this summer, but not because a wedding is planned on the episode.

The new presenter of the dress brand of Shlomit Azrad (Photo: Lee Agmon)

For a period of nine years it was used Ruslana Rudina, As a presenter for the well-known wedding dress brand of the designer Azrad.
Now after a steady contract of years, and after in November last year, Rudina announced: “This is the last wedding dress I’m wearing,” she was chosen as a worthy replacement model.

Omar Nodelman in a new campaign (Photo: Lee Agmon)Omar Nodelman in a new campaign (Photo: Lee Agmon)

Noodleman, who is currently at the peak of his career, is expected to have a busy year at work. Do not forget that Nodelman has another profession in modeling.
Alongside the new wedding dress campaign, the actress is being photographed for three series. Among them, she will play the lead role in the new series that is expected to appear soon in “Infinity” and in addition to that, she will be photographed for the second season of the Israeli telenovela “The Dream Girl” and if that is not enough, and the model will also be photographed for the second season of the suspense series. Next week, Noldman will appear on the set and will even wear a wedding dress for the first time, in favor of the new campaign.

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