Russia and the EU will hold consultations on the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates

Russia and the EU continue to work on the procedure for mutual recognition of certificates from coronavirus. Experts will hold a series of consultations on this issue, the Russian Ministry of Health said.

“The next working meeting in the virtual format of representatives of the Ministry of Health of Russia and the European Union took place. During the meeting, the parties outlined the next joint steps: a series of expert consultations will be held to agree on the main legal and technical parameters for the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates, ”the department noted (quoted by Interfax). They also added that the work on the recognition of certificates is aimed at eliminating difficulties for the movement of Russians in the EU and vice versa.

Earlier, the EU Ambassador to the Russian Federation Markus Ederer said that Russia has not yet prepared the documents that need to be sent to the European Union for the mutual recognition of certificates of vaccination against coronavirus. According to him, the mutual recognition of COVID certificates would allow vaccinated or ill travelers not to go through quarantine. This rule would also apply to those vaccinated with the Russian “Sputnik V”, which is not yet recognized in the EU, the diplomat said.

Read more about COVID-certificates in the material “Kommersant FM” “COVID-passports went for approval.”



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