Russia and the United States agree to create two working groups on arms control

Russia and the United States during the talks on strategic stability in Geneva decided to create two specialized groups. One will deal with the principles of arms control. The second is the potential of strategic weapons. The countries have made “slow progress” on the issue of cybersecurity, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. The parties also agreed that the bilateral START commission will begin work on October 5 in Geneva.

“We have agreed to create two working groups that will deal with specialized topics. At the beginning, we must continue the exchange of signals that constitute the content of the work being carried out at this stage. This can be done in a working order, ”said Mr. Ryabkov (quoted by RIA Novosti).

“From what I know, one can conclude in a nutshell: slow progress. But this in itself is also good, because before the meeting of the presidents in Geneva there was no formalized, thematically structured channel, ”he commented on the agreements between the two countries on the issue of cybersecurity (quoted by TASS).

The second face-to-face round of consultations between Russia and the United States on strategic stability is taking place in Geneva; Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden decided to launch such a dialogue at the summit in June.

Read more about the consultations in an interview with Kommersant with Sergei Ryabkov “We are not playing political games around strategic stability.”



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