Russia could use force against Ukraine on pretext – US warns

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U.S. officials have warned that Russia is trying to create excuses for invading Ukraine.

The United States on Friday accused Russia of sending explosives-trained saboteurs to stage excuses to invade Ukraine.

The Russian government is preparing for an invasion of Ukraine if diplomatic efforts fail. If a war breaks out it could lead to widespread human rights abuses and war crimes.

Russia has laid the groundwork for the desire to create an excuse for invasion. The warning comes after Ukrainian government websites went down following a “massive” cyber attack.

U.S. and Western officials have been worried about the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine for weeks, as tens of thousands of Russian troops have concentrated on the neighboring border.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said: –

Russia can construct an excuse that it is preparing Ukraine for an offensive against Russian-backed forces. We have seen the same tactic before. In particular, he pointed to the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.

The Shiite army plans to launch the operation several weeks before the military invasion. It will start between mid-January and mid-February.

The United States has issued a warning following talks between Russia and the United States in Europe aimed at ending the escalating crisis.

The Russians have demanded that NATO not be expanded to include Ukraine or other former Soviet countries. But the United States says such demands are out of the question.

The United States has said it is ready to hold talks with Moscow on deploying future attack missiles in Ukraine and limiting US and NATO military exercises in Eastern Europe.


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