Russia deploys Su-35 fighter jets to Belarus as part of exercises

Russia continues to relocate Su-35S fighters from the east of the country to Belarus, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The maneuvers take place as part of large-scale joint exercises of the Russian Federation and Belarus. The day before, it was reported that the transfer of Russian marines and artillerymen to Belarus was completed.

“The crews of the Su-35S multi-role fighters of the Eastern Military District, involved in checking the response forces of the Union State, continue to relocate to Belarusian airfields,” Interfax reports a message from the Ministry of Defense. Intermediate landings are carried out at the airfields of the Central and Western military districts; upon arrival in Belarus, they will take up combat duty.

Note that earlier US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that if the territory of Belarus is used to attack Ukraine, the US and allies will take action against the country. In the event that Russian troops are stationed in Belarus on a permanent basis, NATO “certainly will have to reassess the balance of power in countries bordering Belarus,” he said.


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