Russia has brought the first actress into space, Yulia Peresild-

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from Barbara Visentin

Yulia Peresild and Kilm Shipenko took off together with an astronaut to the International Space Station, where they will stay 12 days

The world’s first film made in orbit ready for launch. This morning Russian actress and director Yulia Peresild and Kilm Shipenko they left for the International Space Station together with Anton Shkaplerov, an experienced astronaut who already has three space missions under his belt: took off from Kazakhstan aboard the Russian spacecraft Soyuz MS-19, actress and director will spend 12 days on the ISS to shoot some scenes of a movie entitled Challenge, in which the protagonist, a surgeon played by Peresild, has the task of saving an astronaut suffering from heart disease, by going into space and operating him at zero gravity.

Yulia Peresild, 37, then the first star to embark on a space journey, snatching the primacy from Tom Cruise, who last year announced a similar film project to be made together with NASA in 2021, and also from Captain Kirk William Shatner, an actor who should leave in days with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. In this way, Russia aims to beat the United States over time by scoring a new space record.

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