Russia has invented an underwater scooter

Russia has invented an underwater scooter

2023-05-28 15:45:40

Its engine is arranged according to the screw-nut principle.

A new development of the capital’s inventor will allow you to become a faster and more efficient conqueror of the underwater depths. The other day he received a patent for a device for high-speed movement of a person in water.

The underwater scooter is quite simple in its design. The main elements are a body equipped with a belt, on which the swimmer lies, a drive shaft with a carriage placed on it and a propeller. The carriage is a nut with pedals attached to it, and the drive shaft is a threaded rod. The shaft is attached to the body through a bearing, so that it can rotate, while the platform on which the swimmer lies remains horizontal. On the opposite side of the shaft is a propeller, covered with a protective ring: it protects the blades from contact with surrounding objects.

The device will work on muscular traction. In order to travel underwater, a person will need to fasten to the body, insert their feet into the pedals of the carriage and make reciprocating movements with their feet. Moving along the threaded drive shaft, the “nut” of the carriage will unwind it. In this case, the carriage will be equipped with a mechanism that will allow not to transmit the reverse movement, that is, when the swimmer straightens his legs, the shaft will begin to unwind, and when it is bent, it will not spin in the other direction. According to the author, such a device can allow you to develop a pretty good speed. He believes that someday it may find application in sports, and now it could be used in the maintenance of offshore structures and ships.

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