Russia may bypass the US in the use of 3D printing in the defense sector

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The US has opened a fully 3D printed concrete barracks building. According to Defense one, the military showed how to launch additive manufacturing. But experts say the Pentagon is still overly wary of new methods.

But while the United States is technologically ahead of 3D printing, Russia and China are expanding its use, Holmes said, noting that these countries have the potential to 3D print key components of hypersonic missiles and missiles.

Even with the rapid development of 3D printing in recent years, creating an entire concrete building in Texas presented a unique challenge, according to Evan Loomis, co-founder of ICON, the company that carried out the work. ICON has also worked on AFWERX projects for the Air Force and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

But Russia and China are preparing to 3D print hypersonic components, according to the publication.

“I think the reason why China and Russia have hypersonic production capacities, and we do not, is that they are willing to risk more than we do,” the expert said.


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