Russia Objects Movement of ships in Black Sea corridor

Russia Objects Movement of ships in Black Sea corridor

Moscow: Ukraine’s use of military force against Russia, Moscow objects to shipping in Black Sea route. Russia declared yesterday (31 October 2022) that shipping in the Black Sea Security Corridor was “unacceptable” after suspending a deal brokered by Turkey and the UN that allowed Ukraine to resume grain exports.

“It is unacceptable for the Ukrainian leadership and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to operate ships in the security corridor as they use it to carry out military operations against the Russian Federation,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“Under the current conditions, the safety of any goods passing through this region cannot be guaranteed until the Ukrainian side accepts additional obligations not to use this route for military purposes,” Russia’s statement said.

Moscow made the announcement after it reported a Ukrainian drone attack on its Black Sea fleet last Saturday.

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The ministry’s announcement did not say what Russia would do if the ships continued to sail. A representative of Odessa’s military administration said yesterday (October 31) that 354,500 tons of agricultural products left Ukrainian ports as part of the grain deal, despite Moscow announcing on Saturday that it was withdrawing from the grain deal.

The Kremlin said on Monday that the grain transaction was “highly impossible, and it takes on a different character – more risky, dangerous and unsecured”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of “threatening to cause hunger and food shortages in the world” by withdrawing from the deal.

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Russia has announced it is withdrawing from the UN-brokered Black Sea Grains Agreement after renewed tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The agreement was a boon to humanity, averting a famine crisis and lowering global food prices.

Black Sea Grain Agreement

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has affected exports from the Black Sea region, known for its high-yielding wheat and other grains. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has resulted in a blockade of grain shipments from Ukrainian ports around the world.

Due to the blockade, several ships carrying tons of wheat and grain were stranded in the Black Sea for days. Finally, a UN-brokered deal in July eased Russia’s naval blockade and reopened three key Ukrainian ports.

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